Miniatuur Boekbinden

Travel Sketch book of Rembrandt

This year should have been my anniversary year – 25 years of being busy as a miniature bookbinder. Unfortunately we are not able not celebrate this with you. Lucky we have Charlotte and her team helping us to connect.

25 years ago I participated for the first time at the October fair in Arnhem (The Netherlands) with very simple blank books, three colours bound in linen and 1 DIY kit. As you know, my collection has expanded enormously over the years. From 2000 with the publication of my first pop-up book Wilhelmina, until now I have released six pop-up books and eleven historical books.

My gallery shows my most recent problems. “Travel sketchbook of Rembrandt” including sketches by Johannes Landman, “Collectively Speaking by Kaye Browning” & “Yellow Flowers in my Garden” paintings are by me. 

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