The Perfection in Miniatures Awards Open Competition

Crochet Opera Bag. 2nd Place in the PIMA Open Comp 2019 by Giovanna Guerrero

In 2019, the Perfection in Miniature Awards had been running for 5 years. Throughout this time, we had had many requests for a new competition that anyone could enter, not just LDF Exhibitors. So we introduced the PIMA Open Competition.

Each year we choose an area of expertise (2019 was Needlework, 2020 is Carpentry-furniture). Anyone who has not exhibited at an LDF show in the past 5 years can enter. We are hoping to encourage amateur miniaturists to have a go themselves & create something spectacular, so we can find our exhibitors of the future.

PIMA Open Competition 2020

Detail of the runner up in the first ever PIMA. Carved cabinet by David Hurley
Topic: Carpentry – Furniture

This will include all kinds of disciplines including carving, marquetry, inlaying, painted furniture, etc etc. (the furniture’s main component must be wood).  We will accept any piece of furniture from a chair to a sideboard, and from any era. Scale must be 1:12 or smaller.


A table at one of the LDF shows in 2021 + £500. Judging will take place prior to the KDF Christmas Online Showcase.

More details

Closing date is October 20th 2020.  Entries must be posted or delivered to the LDF offices. Winners will be announced at during the KDF Online Christmas Showcase.

Download your registration form HERE