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Perfection in Miniature Awards (LDF Exhibitors)

The PIMA have been running since 2015 in association with Ahmed Al Thani, a regular visitor to KDF who wants to encourage the development of the miniatures industry & encourage all our talented exhibitors to create their best work.

3rd Place 2017 by Penny Thomson

Judges are looking for miniatures of exceptional quality, completely handmade & unique, showing skill & imagination. Everyone at our shows have such individual style & this will also be taken into account. It is not necessarily about duplicating something exactly in miniature, but maybe about retaining the essence of that object or scene.

Due to the cancellation of the KDF Live shows this year, the PIMA 2020 will take place online as part of the KDF Online Showcase between 27th Nov – 4th Dec. You will be able to see photos of all entries & the winners will be announced. We hope to be able to have an online version of the People’s Choice award too (more details to follow)

After all the incredible entries for the PIMA in previous years, we are really looking forward to seeing what mind-blowing miniatures will be entered this year.

For me, personally, I was absolutely thrilled to participate in PIMA and have my work on show alongside artisans who are some of the best in the world. So many people, traders and visitors, came to acknowledge my entry. It was a real buzz. PIMA encourage artisans to put forward their best work, it’s a great discipline.

Ellie de Lacy – Entrant in the 2016 PIMA

Any craftsman who has been part of any of these shows, is able to enter the competition this year:

KDF Christmas 2019
City of London Dolls House Festival 2020
KDF Summer Online Showcase 2020

The next Perfection in Miniature Awards will be taking place in 2021. Please contact KDF for a registration form & more details.