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The World on your Fingertips.

Little Miss Miniature can create a whole tiny world that will fit in the palm of your hand.

As with most miniaturists, Sonia’s love of small things began when she was young, but she was never interested in large dolls, only the smallest she could find. As she got older, she started to make things – as tiny as she could: crochet and tiny teddy bears that kept on getting smaller and smaller. Once she discovered polymer clay, she began making tiny dolls and characters, adding fur to her animals to create even more realism.

A skill is something that comes with repetition. Attempting to make something over and over again will improve your skills and knowledge.

Her interest in furniture and houses came after this. she challenged herself to make the smallest house she could – they decreased in size as did the furniture. Her smallest house is an incredible 1cm in height and has two fully furnished floors inside.

Detail is essential when working in such a small scale. Sonia believes it is easy to lose the details along the way, so she likes to make sure that her miniatures have plenty and extras added.

If I make a 1:144 scale sink, I make sure to add plates and bowls,  a tea towel and rail etc. This really brings the piece to life.

“Patience” says Sonia “is an important quality for anyone working in a tiny scale. There is something magical about working with miniatures. You can transport yourself into another world. Only other miniaturists will understand. It’s a fantastic way to escape day to day life. It’s the best form of meditation.”

Sonia has been making miniatures full time for the past 3 years, having given up her regular job to pursue her passion. She also decided to shift from selling finished products to creating and selling kits.

I love it when my customers share their work. Its great to see a different prospective on the  kit provided, once the customer has put their mark on it. 

Little Miss Miniature is certainly making a name for herself in this tiniest of tiny worlds.

Website: www.littlemissminiature.com