Feature: Alison Davies Miniatures

Alison Davies Miniatures specialise in highly detailed 18th, 19th and 20th century architectural elements, furniture and accessories as well as extremely detailed and high quality wallpapers. Since arriving in the miniature world in 2016, Alison’s work has gone from strength to strength & the range of products produced grown.

All of Alison’s designs are created using a ‘virtual’ clay ball. The clay is modelled in a similar way to a real clay model but instead of using conventional modelling tools they use a computer touch screen, stylus (pen), mouse and a keyboard and more recently a 3D scanner. They are then moulded and hand cast in the traditional way.

Alison has just made an epic move from England to Perthshire & has relocated her workshop there too. This caused a huge upheaval, but they have now been able to start working again on new designs. Currently, a new range of items that include an intricate and highly detailed spiral staircase, a stunning ‘Pan wall sconce’, a large selection of frames for paintings and some beautiful interior accessories including candlesticks, planters and even a gun.

See more of Alison’s work HERE