Feature: Atelier Hannas Mini

Hanna Clement lives in North Sjaelland, Denmark, where she lives her life around her love of miniatures and her beautiful garden.

We are so happy to have Hanna take part in one of our events for the 1st time. All Hanna’s miniatures are 1:12 & she aims for a the highest quality. For many years this was just a wonderful hobby for her, in 2016 she organised ‘Miniature in Tune’, and met Bill Robertson, who was teaching a workshop as part of the event. He told about Hanna about IGMA, and encouraged her to apply for a scholarship. She did, and was accepted.

This became a complete turning point for her miniature career. Coming home, she closed her B &B and instead, build a complete workshop with machines, tools and all things necessary for creating the ideas she had in my head. She is also a passionate gardener and artist, so many of her miniature models are for the mini garden and artist studio.

I feel very proud to be part of The Christmas Showcase and hope you will enjoy my small creations!

See more of Hanna’s work HERE