Feature: Chris Malcomson

Chris’s entry in the 2020 Perfection in Miniature Awards

Chris has embraced these challenging times to produce some of his best work down in his workshop in Spain. His work is instantly recognisable, with intricate marquetry designs adorning all his miniatures.

His entry in the Perfection in Miniature Awards (PIMA) 2020, was his most complex piece to date & won him a “Highly Commended” from the PIMA Judges. This piece began, as with most of his miniatures, with researching elements that he likes & designing the piece from there.

To most people, it is hard to comprehend how a piece of Chris Malcomson furniture can ever get produced – 100’s of tiny pieces of wood make up each intricate, marquetry pattern. They are things of rare beauty & will always get a gasp of admiration from all who are lucky enough to hold a piece in their hands.

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