Cornellieson Gallery

Mansion House by Cornellieson Gallery. HIGHLY COMMENDED.

Nellie Artemysia McKay looks at things in a different way. A talented artist, who wants to take things into the virtual world. She has been exhibiting her paintings at the LDF Shows for only a year, but in that time has caused quite a stir.

Nell created a miniature gallery (Cornellieson Gallery) to house her beautiful paintings. She also sold all paintings with a proper worn looking wooden crate to pack your painting away. while it is in transit. But that still wasn’t enough. She wanted her customers to be able to enter her gallery themselves, but how could she shrink us down to fit. She had no magic potions.

The answer came from technology. She brought a pair of VR goggles to the show so customers could be transported into her miniature world. This was something so new for our show. Never before had technology been used this way.

Then came lockdown. Our Summer Festival was cancelled & the Perfection in Miniature awards were to be held online. Nell had a great idea. She painted the most detailed painting of Mansion House by John Atkinson Grimshaw. Nell decided to incorporate her Cornellison Gallery IN the painting, but how could her customers visit the gallery now?

Technology helped again & Nell created a 3D online tour of Mansion House & the surrounding area. In the virtual world it is possible to wander around the surrounding streets, get inside the gallery and see the paintings in situ, as well as finding out about them. Hidden in the virtual world can be found paintings that come to life. Easter eggs such as Beetrix my studio cat and fairies in the garden, which Grimshaw painted repeatedly throughout his life.

I grew up in Cottingley which is world renowned  for photographs of fairies taken by two little girls at the same time Grimshaw was painting. 

Nell McKay

This fascinating & original entry was enjoyed by the PIMA Judges who awarded it a “Highly Commended’. So if you want to venture into another world, Click the picture below to be transported to Mansion House, London.

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