Featured Artist: Catmando Miniatures

It has been all change for Jeremy & Cheryl in the last few years, but life is finally calming down.

Catmando Miniatures are better known to their friends as Jeremy and Cheryl Smith. Jeremy makes little things out of wood & Cheryl writes emails, posts packages and keeps things ticking over in general. Life is busy for this team of two.

It’s been an eventful four years since Jeremy returned to Kensington with a new name and a new partner. Jeremy & Cheryl have moved in together, moved house twice more, delighted and grieved as they’ve seen loved ones come and go, changed countries of residence (with all the paperwork and intensive language learning that involves), and they’re still up to their eyes in restoring their dream home in the south-west of France.

What hasn’t changed is Jeremy’s interest in miniatures and his love of creating his own. While lots of the original pieces from the Jays’ Crafts days of the 1990s are still popular with customers and remain in production, he’s found the time to introduce several new items. Some of these have attracted recognition from Kensington judges: the fully articulated artist’s mannequin won the Perfection in Miniatures Award in 2017, the world’s smallest working Japanese puzzle box earned third prize in the following contest, and the latest addition to the artist’s model range, the tiny giraffe with moving parts, was “Highly Commended” in last year’s competition, making Jeremy one to watch in this competition.

When he and Cheryl moved into their new home, his first priority was to convert the garage space into a workshop, and that workshop is one of his favourite places to be. There he spends almost as much time browsing vintage catalogues for ideas for new pieces as he does actually making them.

He doesn’t know I know this, but quite a lot of his time is spent gazing out of the window at the woodland behind the house and enjoying the birdsong.


Jeremy and Cheryl delight in contact with customers and are always happy to receive enquiries by phone or email. & they ship worldwide from their little corner of France. 

See more of Jeremy’s work HERE