Featured Artist: Le Mini di Pierluigi

Pierluigi Pirovano is the maker of metal items for your dolls house. He creates all sorts of accessories for your home from etched metal that he then finishes & paints by hand. But why miniatures? Well, Pierluigi saw a TV spot on dolls houses when he was in the US on a business trip & was immediately fascinated with the art form.

Pierluigi had a lot of experience in metal etching, designing and making models of old trains, in fact at the end of the 80’s he was one of the first to use this technique in Italy. It was easy to switch his talents to dolls house miniatures. Inspired by what he saw in shops & antique fair, he went on to make these items in miniature, trying to make each piece as realistic as he could.

Pierluigi’s working pedal car.

But this has always been a hobby for Pierluigi & he works from a dedicated workshop space at his home near beautiful Como in Italy. He loves the creativity of making these tiny things & enjoys the challenge of reproducing the tiny details & making moving parts for some of his miniatures like his pedal car.

Pierluigi is now looking forward to trying to master the 3d printer & we cannot wait to see what his talent can produce with this new technology.

See more of Pierluigi’s work HERE