Tutorial: Miniature Painting with Nell McKay

Saturday 15 May 18.00-20.00 Part 1
Tuesday 18 May 18.00-20.00 Part 2
12 Students maximum

You will learn how to transfer a reduced image onto an already prepared panel. Then using oil paints you will  begin a miniature painting that hopefully you will finish over the period of the course. Advice and chit chat, observations on life, cups of tea and cake will hopefully round off a lovely therapeutic online course in miniature painting. 

Students will need to provide all materials themselves, but we will provide a list of what is needed & links as to where to purchase them online.

About Nell:
Nell has been a painter all her life and loves all forms of art but lately her paintings have shrunk. She began to create miniature oil paintings after a diversion became an absolute obsession, so now, not only can she do her own work in miniature but has the whole of art history to draw on too. She decided to call her miniatures business ‘Cornellieson Gallery’, named after the Cornelissen & Son Art Supplies, 105 Great Russell Street, London, which is loved by all artists.

Nell has not been exhibiting at our shows for long, but has made a big impression. Always wanting to entice customers into her world, she, with her creative partner Martin, created a fantastic VR experience for customers to actually enter her miniature Cornellieson Gallery & have a look around. She took this idea further when creating her entry in the 2020 Perfection in Miniature Awards.  Her beautiful painting of Mansion House was connected to an interactive journey on your computer, where you could enter the painting & explore the surrounding area. Her entry was awarded “Highly Commended”

With experience in teaching, we expect Nell’s workshop to be a fountain of inspiration & tips on painting on a tiny scale.

All our classes will take place on ZOOM. Once you have booked your place, we will send you a confirmation email. You will then receive further emails relating to your class, with more details.

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