Join us for our 1st ever live demo showing how to make a 1:12 scale bed for your dolls house.

As part of our Summer Online Showcase, we have teamed up with Kat Picot, founder of Shrunk Magazine, to do our 1st ever Make-along on Instagram. Kat will be showing step by step instructions on how to make a stylish bed for your dolls house using items you will have at home.

This is ideal for beginners who would like to start making their own pieces for their dolls house, or anyone who just want to have a bit of a challenge.

The Live Demo will begin at 16.30 GMT on Sunday 16th May on our Instagram page @kensingtondollshouse.

To make sure you have everything you need for this class, please read through this materials list below (notice the list of alternatives at the bottom!):

Upcycled, No-Sew Miniature Bed 

You will need:
1 x small picture frame (I used 4 x 6 inch aperture wooden frame which made a convincing standard double for 1:12 scale but obviously bed sizes vary so a 5 x 7 could be a great King size!)
Foam or wadding for the mattress – 4 x 6 inches 
4 x mini wooden stair spindles
Fabric scissors
Glue tape dispenser or fast, clear-drying craft glue 
Super glue to attach legs
Champagne corks for sidetables (optional!)

2 or more coordinating scrap fabrics. 
I‘ve used an old t-shirt and summer dress. You’ll need light enough fabric to fully cover the edges of your frame, a mattress and create layers of bedding. Measurements may vary depending on the dimension’s of your chosen frame.
To cover frame edges (4 x 6 frame with half an inch thickness):
2 x Long sides: 7 inches long x 1 inch wide.
2 x short sides: 6 inches long.

To cover the mattress:
5 x 7 inches – this should give approx half an inch extra on each side to glue edges underneath your mattress panel. 

Plus extra fabric if you wish to make co-ordinating bedding. The bed-spread pictured measures 6 x 5 inches and folded in half

Card or foamboard – 5.5 x 3.5 inches
Fabric to cover – 6.5 x 4.5 inches

No picture frame? Use sturdy card or scrap wood to construct a simple frame to your desired measurements.
No wadding? A large household sponge can be easily cut down.
No wooden spindles? These are cut down for the legs. Alternatively cut 4 x equal lengths of dowel or 4 x identical round beads could work just as well. The legs shown here measure 3/4’s of an inch long.
No glue tape? A basic, fast-drying craft glue should suffice – ideally something that’s compatible with textile work has a good grip and dries clear. Avoid anything too thick that will soak through the fabric and be visible once dry. Test on scrap fabric beforehand if unsure. (If your chosen fabric is likely to shed I would also advise using a product such as Fray Check to seal any edges.)

Pillows are not included in the demo.