Alison Davies Miniatures

Over the last 5 years, Alison Davies stand has become a must-see at our shows. Recently relocated to Perthshire, Alison fills us in on what she has been up to over the last year.

Frustrated at not finding authentic 18th Century textiles & wallpapers, Alison did what she does best…designed them herself. She found it really frustrating that there was so little wallpapers & fabrics that were true to 18 century design.

I really didn’t want to settle for something that looked OK. I wanted something pretty & authentic & I wanted choice. Now that I am in the process of creating these myself, I can finally indulge in my true passion & share these simply stunning & authentic designs with you.

Alison recently launched a gorgeous new canopy bed but it needed fine, delicate, beautiful fabric to bring it to life. She also had a huge range of 18th Century chairs crying out to be covered in accurate fabric. Alison loves to trick the eye with her designs by making them look as real as possible, but for this she always needs high quality, delicate fabrics, that are correct for the era.

As Alison continued to design her fabrics, she quickly decided to dabble in 19th & early 20th century designs too & not only add the original, historic designs & colours but also some modified options which have worked really well.

All these beautiful wallpapers & fabrics can be purchased from Alison’s website later this year, where you can also subscribe to be kept up to date with any of her news or updates.

Of course Alison has also been adding to her range of 18th century miniatures, including this incredible urn which is her latest project. All the se will be available from her website too soon. We also love these pretty book kits to add that finishing touch to your scene.

Alison will be back at Kensington in 2022 & we cannot wait to see some of this incredible work 1st hand.