Summer - Exhibitor Info

Information for Exhibitors travelling from outside the UK

Helping to understand Covid travel rules & new Brexit rules

Yes, the last 18 months have been confusing for many reasons. Travelling has become more difficult, but we will try our best to help make it easier for you.

Covid Travel rules

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As far as we understand, there are no restrictions on travel to the UK if you are double vaccinated, but you do still need to fill in a Passenger Locator Form within 3 days of travelling.

Visit the UK government website to find out more information website

If you are NOT double vaccinated

You will need to take a Covid test before travelling. Please click the link above for the Government website to find out exactly what you must do.

Booking your Covid Test on arrival in the UK if NOT double vaccinated

When arriving in the UK, you will need to take a COVID test . We are recommending this Biograd Diagnostics for this:

 The test will be posted to you & you take the test &  then post the test back. The result is emailed to you.

New Brexit rules for Selling goods in the UK

If you are travelling from the EU (or from any country outside the UK), please make sure you are aware of the new rules and act as you feel necessary. We do have a number of exhibitors who have travelled to the show & can help & advise you about the best travel arrangements. If you are unsure about what you have to do, please contact us & we will put you in touch with another exhibitor who has already travelled under these rules.

The website has the rules explained.