Christmas - Exhibitor Info

Information for Exhibitors travelling from outside the UK

Helping to understand Covid travel rules & new Brexit rules

Yes, the last 18 months have been confusing for many reasons. Travelling has become more difficult, but we will try our best to help make it easier for you.

Covid Travel rules

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We all know that travel restrictions are changing at all times for visitors coming to London from overeseas. These are the rules, as we understand them, that apply now:

  • If you are travelling from MOST countries & are double vaccinated, you no longer need to self isolate on arrival.
  • If you are NOT double vaccinated, you will need to self isolate for a minimum of 5 days.
  • You will need to book a day 2 Antigen test before travelling to the UK. (visitors who are not double vaccinated will need to take further tests)

Visit the UK government website to find out more detailed information website

PLEASE NOTE: We will expect all exhibitors at the KDF London Showcase to be EITHER double vaccinated OR have proof that you have had a negative Covid test no more than 48 hrs prior to the show.

Booking your Day 2 Covid Test

When arriving in the UK, you will need to take a COVID test on Day 2 of your arrival. We are recommending this Biograd Diagnostics for this:

You would need to book a POSTAL TEST (Day 2 Antigen).  The test will be posted to you & you take the test &  then post the test back. The result is emailed to you.

The price for this is £19.99 + ££4.99 postage.

Unfortunately, I cannot book multiple tests for you as you will need to fill in your personal details when booking the test, but, if you are worried about where the test will be delivered to (hotel etc) I am happy to have you put the delivery address as my office.  I can then bring the tests to the show for you. If you do use our address for delivery, please use your name so I know who’s test is whose. Please make sure you let me know if your test is going to be sent to my address.

We will also be happy to post tests for you too.

New Brexit rules for Selling goods in the UK

If you are travelling from the EU, please make sure you are aware of these rules and act as you feel necessary. At the moment, we are unable to really help with advice on the best way to do this, as we have not had any exhibitors travel to our shows who have had to deal with these rules yet, but we recommend you visit the website to see if any custom or VAT charges will apply to you.

On reading this page, it looks like these rules will not be enforced until January 2022.