Christmas - Exhibitor Info

Unloading & loading at Kensington Town Hall

Van etc by Dee Daw Designs

Access to Loading Bay

Exhibitors only have access to the loading bay for unloading & loading if they have a valid VEHICLE PASS. The loading bay can be used for unloading & loading only, it is not to be used as a car park while you set up your table. You must undertake to unload your vehicle immediately & the remove your vehicle from the loading bay. There is a car park located directly beneath the Venue.

Download Vehicle Pass HERE

KDF Porters:

We do have a number of KDF Porters working on the loading bay during unloading & loading times. If you need assistance, please ask one of our ports who will be happy to help. At busy times however you may have to wait until there is a porter available. If you wish to book a porter in advance you can do this by contacting us in the office. There is a charge of £10/half hour for booked porters.


If you do not bring a trolley with you, there are a few trolleys available for you to borrow when unloading your stock. Please ask one of the KDF porters for help locating a trolley. Please also make sure you return the trolley to the loading bay as soon as you have finished unloading.

Reduced price parking tickets

We are pleased to offer reduced price parting tickets for the Car Park underneath the Town Hall to all who need them. This year, the process for buying these tickets has changed. You now need to book your tickets in advance before November 22nd & you will pay KDF for your tickets at the show.

Tickets cost: Friday evening from 6pm to midnight – £8.00
Saturday 24 hrs – £15.00

Please follow these steps to get your reduced price tickets:

  • Email KDF, before November 22nd, confirming which tickets you require & the Vehicle Registration number of the vehicle you will be parking in the car park. (if you are hiring a van, please just email us to confirm which tickets you need & we will collect the reg number on the day of hire).
  • When you arrive at the car park, the barrier should go up automatically, allowing you to enter.
  • During the show, KDF staff will collect payment from you for the parking tickets you have booked.
  • When you leave the car park, the barrier should open automatically to let you out.
  • NOTE: If you will be going in & out of the car park each day, this is fine. The barriers will lift automatically to let you in & out.
  • NOTE: Please make sure you record the correct Vehicle Reg number making clear if it contains ‘0’ or ‘O’, as these can be confused by the camera.

If you experience any problems with the barrier letting you in, please take a entry ticket, but DO NOT pay the car park any more money – just let us know at the KDF desk & we will sort it out.