Behind closed doors

‘Pixie doors’ are starting to appear all over London. Who lives there & are they really portals to another dimension!

Eliza Dolittle’s door in its new home at Benjamin Pollock’s Toyshop in Covent Garden

There is one thing that we at KDF have clung onto; well beyond childhood & that is the conviction that there are unknown, tiny beings living parallel lives to us, hidden from our view. But were are the portals to these other worlds?
We decided that maybe we needed to help & create some ‘Pixie Doors” of our own & set about finding the perfect craftsman to help us & of course, the perfect location for our 1st door.

Sheila Slaughter had been exhibiting at our shows for a few years & had entered a beautiful door in to one of our PIMA competitions, so I contacted her to see if it was something she could help us with. Sheila had enjoyed crafts all her life. Aged 6 sheshe started dressing her dolls in leftover fabrics & soon was the proud owner of her very own needlework box. All through her life she has tried many different crafts, was a florist for many years as well as owning a craft shop in Brighton.

More of Sheila’s work

It was when she 1st came to the KDF around 20 years ago that she fell in love with miniatures & immediately set about making her own. She is now an exhibitor; “Say it with Flowers”, named after her husband’s favourite song. she is also constructing a complete village in 1:12 scale with help from her son & grandson.

We decided that all our Pixie Doors would have a famous resident, so when we chose Eliza Dolittle to be our 1st door, there was only one place it could go. We contacted out friends at Benjamin Pollock’s Toyshop in Covent Garden, perfect for their beautiful shop full of traditional toys, books, toy theatres & so much more, they were delighted to have a new fixture in their entrance hall.

Make sure you look out for it on your next visit.

Benjamin Pollock’s Toyshop
44 The Market
London WC2E 8RE
+44 (0)20 7379 7866
W: pollocks-coventgarden.co.uk

Say it with Flowers will be exhibiting at the KDF Christmas Show on December 4th at Kensington Town Hall.