KDF Exhibitors – Update Information

Dear All,

The KDF Christmas Show 2022 is approaching fast.  


We are excited to be back at Kensington Town Hall & welcoming back many craftsmen who have not been part of our shows since pre lockdown v 1.0.  It has been a tough 2 years for us all, but things seem to be getting better & we are very pleased with the interest in the show again from exhibitors & collectors from all over the world. The show will be back to 3 floors, though not quite as full as usual, but we hope it will continue to grow & in the meantime, it means more space for everyone!

Please read this letter so you don’t miss out on all the IMPORTANT INFORMATION ABOUT THE SHOW INCLUDED. Important dates etc are in BOLD.

WEBSITE: We have a full exhibitor list on the website HERE & if you use the search facility on THE LIST, you can choose EXHIBITING IN… > KDF SUMMER to get info on all exhibitors.  Please check that your entry is correct & that links are working.  If not, let us know in the office.  Also email us a photo for THE LIST if there is not one showing. 

OVERSEAS EXHIBITORS: We will be especially excited to welcome back our overseas friends. At present, I don’t believe there are any travel restrictions for entering the UK from abroad.  If you are travelling from the EU & need advice about travel to the UK, please contact us.  We have many exhibitors who have done this journey recently & can give you valuable advice.  Remember, we have lights & tablecloths that we can lend you for the show to save room in your suitcase (no fee, just a deposit payable). Please let us know if you need anything & we will do our best to help. Find more information HERE

HOTELS: If you need to book a hotel, please HERE for a list of hotels used in the past by visitors & exhibitors to our show.  We have 2 Hotels very close to Kensington Town Hall, that give us a special rate.  The Copthorne Tara & Holiday Inn- London Kensington.  If you want to book either of these hotels, our special rate will not be available after APRIL 12th, so make sure you book before then (note you may get a cheaper rate on a hotel comparison site, so check these too).

PARKING: We will be offering reduced price tickets for the Town Hall car park. The usual rate for 24hrs is £30-£33. The tickets available will be a 24hr tickets for Friday and/or Saturday & a Thurs eve ticket (valid from 6pm). This will enable you to leave your vehicle in the car park from 18.00 on Thursday until Midnight on Saturday without moving it if you need. Unlike previous years, you will NOT have to book tickets in advance.  As soon as they have confirmed this year’s rate we will let you know (last time it was £8 for Thurs eve & £15 for a 24 hr ticket)

VEHICLE PASSES: EVERYONE who uses the loading bay will need a Vehicle Pass.  If you requested one on your contract, you will automatically be emailed a vehicle pass before the show, or you can download one HERE. Please make sure you write your business name clearly in the space provided.  You will not be allowed on the loading bay unless your vehicle pass is VISIBLE to our stewards. We only allow one van/per exhibitor unless agreed in advance. We do not expect any exhibitor to spend longer than 20-30 MINS on the loading bay & once you have unloaded, the parking of your vehicle is your responsibility.  Please check out parking options in advance (see above). 

FLOORPLAN: The Summer Show will have 3 floors of exhibitors & displays.  We will do our best to keep exhibitors in or near their regular positions, but this will not be possible for everyone.  One thing we were able to prove last year, was the fact that customers really missed having 3 floors to visit at the show.  All the floors get the same footfall & we feel it is important that all areas of the show have a good mix of exhibitors from the UK & overseas. The floorplan will be available to download from the beginning of May.

SHOW CATALOGUE: We produce a beautiful A4, full colour catalogue for our show.  This has been really popular with our visitors who all receive a free copy with their entry ticket. We have also begun sending out copies of the catalogue to collectors who were unable to attend the show. The contact details we now print for each exhibitor are as follows: Name, phone number, email, website & other social media addresses. If you do not have email contacts etc, we will print your postal address.

We still have a few spaces available for advertising in the catalogue.  Download a booking form HERE.  We always run out of space, so please book early to avoid disappointmentArtwork & contact details deadline is APRIL 25th. 

PIMA’S: Don’t forget you still have time to register for the Perfection in Miniature Awards. These will include The People’s Choice Award which is voted for by the visitors & exhibitors at the show. More details are attached, but I do urge you to enter & have a piece of your work on display in the PIMA showcase. Deadline for entries is APRIL 15th 2022. Download your registration form HERE.

FRIDAY NIGHT DRINKS:We are reinstating the Friday night drinks which will happen at the end of the show on Friday.  These are to celebrate the winners of the Perfection in Miniature Awards.  We hope that everyone will join us for a complimentary drink & canapés as the show closes.

CAFÉ: Our incredible “Miniature Kitchen” Cafe will be open throughout the show. All food is made freshly on site & we are pleased to announce that this year, a limited selection of alcohol will be available to purchase too.  The Miniature Kitchen will be opening for breakfast on Friday & Saturday mornings from 9am.  Pastries & bacon rolls etc will be available to buy.  There is no meal deal for exhibitors this year, instead, Exhibitors will receive a 20% discount off purchases in the cafe.  We recommend you go to the cafe early to purchase your lunch as it gets very busy with show visitors after 11am.

CREDIT CARD PAYMENTS:  Over the last 2 years, the way people pay has changed dramatically.  We now are all used to paying by card or with our phones.  We do recommend that you have a way of taking card payments at the show.  We use “Square” which is excellent, but there are plenty of other providers.  It looks very unprofessional to ask collectors, who can be spending hundreds of £’s with you, to go to the cash point to draw out money.  What if they don’t come back?!.  

In the past we have offered a credit card service where we take payments on your behalf.  We do have to charge for this service to cover our costs & it would be cheaper for you to use a professional provider. At our last 2 shows, we found that we took very few payments for exhibitors & we assume this is because you all now have your own system for taking payments.  For this reason, we will no longer ask for you to register for this service as previously, but, at our shows, if you wish us to take payments on your behalf, we can still do this.  Please just speak to us at the Reception Desk & we will give you the necessary forms.

COVID SAFETY:Over the last 2 years, we have all seen how changeable the rules are in regards to Covid safety. At the moment, I do not foresee any necessary restrictions on exhibitors or visitors to the show.  It should be pretty much as pre- lockdown, but we will of course be keeping our eyes on any rules & implement any restrictions we feel are necessary. 

SCAM EMAILS:In the past, we have had various companies contacting exhibitors who will be attending the festival & trying to persuade them to pay for an email list of attendees to the show.  PLEASE IGNORE THESE EMAILS. Any email that is officially from KDF will be signed by me or Lola & be sent from the @dollshouseshowcase.com email address. Any emails about the show from other email addresses are SCAMS!

CHILDREN’S ACTIVITIES:We will once again be holding our famous MARVELLOUS MOUSE HUNT throughout the show.  This is incredibly popular with children.  You may be asked to have a mouse on your stand.  If you don’t want to be part of the hunt that is fine, just say no!  We advise that mice are placed in a visible place on your stand so children can spot them easily. 

The Gingerbread Craft Club is back & will be open on Saturday only.  Children will be encouraged to make a miniature of their own for their dolls house.

LIGHTS: We have a selection of clip on spotlights available to borrow if you need.  These are particularly useful for foreign exhibitors who have limited space in their suitcases.  PLEASE BOOK THESE WITH US IN ADVANCE TO AVOID DISAPPOINTMENT. If we run out of lights, overseas visitors will be allocated their lights 1st & any remaining can be offered to UK exhibitors. Come to our KDF Reception Desk when you arrive at the show to pick up the lights.  You will need to pay a £10/€10 deposit per light, which will be returned to you when you bring the lights back at the end of the show. (You can book a maximum of 2 lights in advance, but if there are any spares, you can take more at the show) We have a few adaptor plugs available too, as well as loads of extension leads.  Tablecloths can also be borrowed if needed.

WIFI: Kensington Town Hall has WiFi available for exhibitors to use.  I will include details of how to log on to their wifi in the Stallholders letter that will be emailed to you prior to the May show. (A copy will also be in your exhibitor pack at the show).

SATURDAY WALKABOUT: Please remember we have an exhibitor walkabout on Saturday morning. It is mandatory that your stand is open from 9am.  This gives you a chance to look at other stalls at the festival before the show opens.  It is a great time to catch up with other craftsmen & discuss collaborations. 

LDF MEMBERS: We have 50 LDF Members, all of who are allowed into the show early (10am on Friday) they are mostly regular visitors.  If you would like to offer a special discount or a free gift for members, please let me know & I will inform them in their newsletter before the show. It is a good way to encourage them to visit your table.

FACEBOOK & INSTAGRAM: In the build up to the show we try to post info on facebook twice a week & Instagram posts every day, so we are looking for stories.  If you have any pictures of things you’re working on for the show or any other news, please let us know so we can include it.

STALL SITTERS: If you are attending KDF by yourself, we can loan you a KDF staff member to look after you stand while you have a break. Please come to the KDF Reception Desk at the beginning of the show to book your slot.

KDF RECEPTION DESK: The KDF Reception Desk at the show is always very busy.  This desk is primarily for the use of visitors to the show, so please note the times that the Reception Desk will be open to KDF Exhibitors.

Thursday Evening: 19.30–21.30.    
Friday: 08.00-10.00 + 14.00-17.00.  
Saturday: 08.30-10.00 + 14.00-16.00. 

You may, of course visit the Reception Desk at any time if it is an urgent matter, but please try to visit the desk within these set times for non-urgent reasons. 

YOUR WORK: The Festival remains one of the top events in the world because of your fantastic work.  We want all the work on show to be of the highest standard, so please do not bring along anything to sell which is below standard. This will be taken in to account next year when sending out contracts.

OFFICE OPENING TIMES: If there is anything else you need to know that is not covered in this letter, please contact us.  It is always best to call between 10.00am and 2pm, but if you leave a message we will always call back. The Office will be closed between April 6th – 12th, but we will be answering emails during this time.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are looking forward to seeing you in May.

Charlotte Stokoe
KDF Organiser