Featured Artist: Chris Miniatures

With 20 years experience, Christiane tells me about her journey through the world of miniatures

Christiane spreads her year between Nice in France & London. She started making miniatures over 20 years ago, and at first she was devoted to mainly creating ceramics but after moving from a house to an apartment, she just found it too messy, so started knitting, sewing, dressing dolls instead. (This was something she loved to do as a child). Much more suitable for her new lifestyle.

She mainly dresses children, babies and toddlers & also makes dresses on hangers to set in your rooms or closet, or on a mannequin.

She has tried many of the various skills linked to miniatures over the years; ceramics, weaving, leather, embroidery, smocking, lace knitting, but lately she has tried her hand at Petits Point, beginning with samplers and then her first carpet (designed Catherine Soubzmaigne-Bonnefont).

Her latest love has meant her leaving regular knitting, for Fair Isle knitting – which offers so many different colours and patterns to create a variety of unique  cardigan or sweaters.

See more of Christiane’s work HERE.