Featured Artist : Rachel Hinds

Fantastic new painter exhibiting with LDF for the 1st time.

Rachel is a new artist joining the LDF family.  She contacted us after lockdown, as, during the long months of the Covid epidemic she had turned her hand to painting miniatures to decorate her 1:12 Victorian property and discovered a new passion.

Rachel has been working in full size paintings for over 10 years, so painting such a small scale was a new challenge.

Rachel studied Archaeology at the University of Bradford and her fascination with the past continued when she switched to painting. The nineteenth century is one era she goes back to time and again, with Constable and Turner as influences. She paints full time, with ‘larger’ works in collections in the UK and abroad, as well as 1:12 miniatures.

Rachel lives in West Yorkshire and now divides her time between fine art and miniature paintings in oils. One day she decided to paint 1:12 miniature mice, and to her surprise these proved extremely popular. Mice with cheese, mice having mugs of tea, mice riding horses.. and mouse pastiches of famous paintings, which she especially loves doing. Favourite so far, Whistler’s Mother by Whistler Mouse.

Rachel’s ‘Mouse-terpieces’, are a great way to have an original painting in your dolls house. Will the ‘Mousa-Lisa’ be next?

CLICK HERE to see more of Rachel’s work.