Featured Artist: Elizabeth Hough – Art in Miniature

New LDF Exhibitor, Elizabeth Hough, tells us more about how she ended up painting tiny works of art.  Elizabeth has not attended any of our live shows yet & this is the 1st time she has taken part in the online showcase. She has been professional pastellist/artist for 9 years & trained in graphic design.

“I first discovered the world of miniatures when I was in my early twenties. I was newly married and wanted a lovely hobby.  I bought a scratch build Tudor house and the passion grew from there.  I have immersed myself in miniature meanderings for over 25 years!

Patience, patience and more patience, the most important skill I have, along with a good eye for detail and practical skills which are essential too, along with some imagination of course. 

I’ve derived inspiration from the grand masters.  My favourite Grand Master is Johannes Vermeer, his rendering of light and his realism has spurred me to attempt to create a miniature copy of his iconic “Girl with a Pearl Earring”. This was my biggest challenge & I hope my painting has captured some of the essence and luminosity of the original. But inspiration also comes from seeing the incredible skills of other miniaturists on social media, which encourages me to keep going.

When creating any miniature it has to look real but perfectly scaled down to the appropriate size.  Attention to detail and scale are vitally important and the toughest part of my work must be achieving the details properly. I have learned not to be frightened of using darker shading, especially in faces to convey the realism.  In truth, it is always tempting to rush a piece, but in reality you can’t.  

The other piece I’ve enjoyed working on is my version of Landseer’s “Monarch of the Glen”, a large work of five inches square.  I learned a lot of layering techniques with the oils on this and it has happily now been sold to a very wonderful friend and collector. 

My love of miniatures in long-standing, the bit I most like is that I am creating something that will, I hope, be enjoyed for years and will look “just right” in my own collection or those of my clients.  The enjoyment always comes from seeing other people’s joy in what I create.”

CLICK HERE to see more of Elizabeth’s work.