Featured Artist: Pam Jones of Island Miniatures

Now based in the Isle of Wight, Pam has travelled the world, Pam love of miniatures was born thousands of miles away.

Pam has been making miniatures from epoxy clay for over thirty years. Her love for sculpting in miniature began whilst living in Cape Town, South Africa in the 1980’s.  At the time, decorating eggs was a popular pastime & she was successful in selling goose & ostrich eggs with miniature scenes inside to fund her arts & crafts hobbies.  Her work received the attention of local newspapers which resulted in her being asked to help form the Miniature Guild of Cape Town.  From then on miniatures were what she focused on entirely.  At this time she traded under the name “Minia Africa” but in 2019 she moved to the Isle of Wight where new beginnings brought a new name… “Island Miniatures”. 

Pam had a background in full size pottery & ceramics, so it was a natural progression to start making tiny pottery. She gets her inspiration from the 19th Century porcelain that she loves.

Detail, detail, detail. Apart from Pam feeling this is the most important part of creating something in miniature, it is the thing she loves the most about working in a tiny scale, but also finds the most challenging.  Her most important tools to help her with this challenge are her jeweller’s magnifying glass & porcupine quills that she uses for sculpting those tiny details.  Working in her dual aspect studio in the mornings when the light is at its best also helps.

Currently, Pam is working on her own version of Majolica ware & birds in the style of Dorothy Doughty (Royal Worcester).  

CLICK HERE to see more of Pam’s work.