Perfection in Miniature Awards (LDF Exhibitors)

The PIMA have been running since 2015 in association with Ahmed Al Thani, a regular visitor to KDF who wants to encourage the development of the miniatures industry & encourage all our talented exhibitors to create their best work.

As in all things, progress is made by accepting challenges”  Brian Rawling

We are pleased to be hosting the Perfection in Miniature Awards (PIMA) 2023 once again at the KDF Summer Show.  I was inspired by the quote above, which was sent to me by Gill Rawling (Petit Fleur) who was writing about her new work.  I thought it summed up the PIMA perfectly & when I asked where she had got the quote from, she replied her husband Brian, so I am using it as the tag for the PIMA in 2023.

Over the last 8 years, the PIMA have become an focal point of our annual calendar.  Our aim with the PIMA, is to raise the profile of our artform & spread the word about the incredible skills of the craftsmen involved to a larger audience. It is very true that to move forward we have to take risks & try things we haven’t done before & this way discover more about what is possible & what we can achieve.

In the past 2 years, craftsmen who have never entered the PIMA before have won the 1st prize, but also, makers who enter every year have won prizes too, so whether you are a newbie to the competition or a regular contestant, PLEASE have a go. After all, it is great to win, but it is also great to be part of the PIMA Showcase at the May Festival, which is so popular with all our visitors and a great advert for miniaturism in general.

Exhibitors who take part in the LDF Autumn Online Showcase, KDF Christmas Show 2022 & the KDF Summer Show 2023 are eligible to enter. 

Of course, we are looking for miniatures of the highest standard, handmade, showing skill & imagination, but this competition is not necessarily just replicating something perfectly in miniature, it can also be about making a unique item, something never seen before, somehow replicating our world or another world in miniature, full of your personality & style. Every entry we receive makes the PIMA Showcase more appealing.

PIMA 22 . 1st Place . Supper Set by Mike Sparrow

Judges will be looking for:

1:   A high level of skill in the discipline you have chosen (woodwork, metalwork, doll making etc)
2:   Detail in scale & proportion.
3:   Good use of materials.
4:   Imaginative, unique ideas & designs.
5:   Craftsmen who push their work to a higher level than previously achieved.

The Prize fund:

1st Prize:                                   £6000
2nd Prize:                                 £3000
3rd Prize:                                  £1500

People’s Choice Award:          £  250

The deadline for all entries to be registered with KDF is April 15th 2023. All entries will be on display at the KDF Summer Show in May 2023. Winners will be announced at an award ceremony at the KDF Summer Show, with the winner of the People’s Choice Award being announced live at the end of the show on Saturday 13th May.

To enter, you must register your miniature with us by April 15th 2023. Once we have received your registration, we will send you a confirmation letter with an entry number & other important information. Entries must either be posted to the KDF Office prior to the KDF Summer Show, or delivered directly to the KDF Summer Show on the evening before the show begins. The registration form will be available on our website soon, or you can contact us in the office & we can post or email you a copy.  

The 2022 entries in the PIMA were fantastic & we cant wait to see more.  Please contact us at LDF HQ if you have any questions about the awards.

For me, personally, I was absolutely thrilled to participate in PIMA and have my work on show alongside artisans who are some of the best in the world. So many people, traders and visitors, came to acknowledge my entry. It was a real buzz. PIMA encourage artisans to put forward their best work, it’s a great discipline.

Ellie de Lacy – Entrant in the 2016 PIMA

Any craftsman who has been part of any of these shows, is able to enter the competition this year:

KDF Christmas 2021
LDF Spring Online Showcase 2022
KDF Summer 2022

Download a registration form HERE.