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How we can help to reduce your luggage.

Legendary Luggage in Miniature

What you can borrow/buy from us to make your journey easier

We try to make your journey to the festival as stress free as possible, so we have various things that you can borrow from us to save space in your suitcase.  You must book all these things with us in advance & collect them from the KDF Reception Desk at the show.

  • Extension leads: We have lots of these available to borrow, so no need to bring your own. No fee.
  • Lights: We have a limited number of spotlights available to hire. We charge £2.50 per light + a £10/€10 deposit per light which is returned when you bring the lights back to us at the end of the show. As we only have a limited number, we ask you to book lights with us in advance. We can offer 2 lights per stand, but may have spares on the day if you need more. 
  • Tablecloths: We have lots of tablecloths you can borrow for the show. They are a dark blue damask fabric. No fee.
  • Cash float: We know that it has become difficult to get change from the UK banks, so we now offer a cash float consisting of 1 x £5 note, 5 x £2 coin, 15 x £1 coin = £30. 
  • Steps for your display: We have a limited number of cardboard steps (Risers) that you can buy from us to give your display a little height. The measurements are: 60cm w x 43cm h x 46cm d. Price £10 white, £14 black. 

If there is anything else we can help with, please let us know. Please CONTACT US to book what you need in advance of the show.