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Photos for the Showcase

Emily Chan displays her dolls in a compete scene.

Each page of the Showcase can have up to 12 photos displayed. (If you have paid for the option for more photos, you can have up to 20 photos on your page)

Photo Size & Shape:
The platform we are using will crop photos to fit the standard shape for the photo gallery.  

The crop will differ depending what devise the customer is using to view the showcase, therefore, we cannot guarantee the whole of the picture you send will be visible in the gallery, however, when you click on any photo, it will enlarge to show the whole image.

We recommend that you try to send us LANDSCAPE images.  On a computer or tablet, the image in the gallery could be square or landscape, but on a mobile phone it will always be shown as landscape.  

Tall, thin images DO NOT WORK. 

If you send us an image that we feel is not working, we will add side banners to make the image landscape.  We recommend, if you want to photograph something tall & thin (dolls in particular) you have more than 1 in a photo which will make the proportion of the photo better.

Please send the image between 72dpi & 300dpi please.  We will put all photos through a programme that will reduce the image to the correct size.

Showcase Gallery:
The Showcase Gallery is where customers will see who is taking part in the showcase.  You will have one “Signature” photo displayed on this page (Please look at THE LIST on our website to see how this will look).  Please make sure you mark which of your photos you would like to be your “Signature” or MAIN image. If you do not select a signature image, we will select the one we feel is most suitable for you.

Prices & Captions:
Once customers are on your page, they can click on an image to see it in full & enlarged.  This is when a caption will appear beneath the image. This caption should give more information on the photo including what it is & a price. (Sometimes it is not suitable for you to show the price, especially if you have an Etsy page, as prices will change on Etsy depending what country you are in, but we do recommend you show prices when possible as customers do appreciate it.  You can always just say ‘Prices from….’ as a guide).  These captions can be up to 10 words long & if possible, the caption should be used as the name of the photo file you have sent us.

Advice on taking photos of your work:
If you have not done much photography in the past, do not worry.  Keep things simple & you can create beautiful photos with a smartphone. These are just guidelines – if you are more experienced in taking photos, we are happy  to receive more creative images! REMEMBER – we will crop & adjust all photos if we feel they need it, so do not worry too much about getting the photo perfect.  The most important thing is that the item is in focus & clear.

tape a piece of paper to a vertical wall & allow it to curve onto a table top to give a flawless background

1: Set up a background to photograph your images in front of.  The best colours seem to be natural shades of creams & beige etc. White can be harsh & bright colours too distracting.

2: Place your item in the middle of the background & make sure there is lots of background visible so photo can be cropped

3: Add an everyday item to give an idea of scale.

4: Add prices of items in photos if you wish (see examples, otherwise we can add the price in the photo caption)

5: Make sure the lighting is good.  Natural light is best if possible.

6: Try to place your smartphone somewhere where you can keep it totally steady when taking the photo.

7: take a few photos of the item at slightly different angles to see which works best.

Gill (Petite Fleur)has neatly shown the price of the item on the photo. We are able to add the price in a caption below the photo if that is easier for you.
The Little Hatter shows the same items from different angles. This also makes her image landscape.