Featured Artisan : Antonella Nardi

Antonella knew nothing about the world of miniatures until her daughter, Lucrezia, took her to Miniaturitalia, the fabulous dolls house show that takes place in Milan each spring.  She was over-awed by what she saw, the talent of all the incredible artisans & the beautiful work they created.

She immediately went home to attempt to create some miniatures in her own style.  At first it was just a hobby for herself, she did some research online & was inspired by the work of so many miniaturists including Susan Harmon, whose work she adored.

Scissors, glues & fabrics are easily available, but patience, peace of mind & the pleasure of being alone with your thoughts for a long time is by far the most important skill you can have for this exacting work.  Antonella also believes that choosing what you make is so important.  It must be something you are passionate about & something that you can actually achieve yourself with pin-point accuracy. Presenting it with style is also something Antonella enjoys.

Now her hobby is turning into a job. How lucky to do a job that she loves and where she can express her creativity.  What more do you want?  She works from a large studio in her house with her elderly dog for company.  In the evening, before she goes to bed, she checks that everything is in order, leaving the objects to which she will devote her attention to the following day in clear sight. She looks around, leaving her wonderful world with a great effort until the next day.

And what about Lucrezia, her daughter who introduced her to this world?  She is Antonella’s biggest fan & biggest critic.  Lucrezia is her quality control.  She will make sure all Antonella’s work continues to remain at the high standards that she always strives for.

See more of Antonella’s work HERE.