Featured Artist : Natalia Frank

How do you keep your mind focused on the end goal when working in such a small scale? Natalia explains about the 5 P’s.

Having a vast variety of interests in life, Natalia Frank brought her passion to needlework into the wonderful world of petit point in 1:12 scale.

I must admit, I am not a perfectionist, but I am obsessed with details.

Looking at Natalia’s work, you would not believe her at all. Perfection seems to be something she is very good at. Her work is performed by a self-taught process of the 5 P’s. This is something we can all take into our lives to improve our well being I think.

Miniature needlework started as a hobby and quickly grew into a PASSION for Natalia. Her passion to create high quality petit point miniatures developed her PATIENCE to create detail. Through trial, error, and PRACTICE, she has taught herself to be PERSISTENT in reaching her goals that lead her to the finished project.

And what is the 5th P according to Natalia? – PROCRASTINATION. When this arises, she refers back to passion and start over again. Sometimes she will have a mental block that comes from a multitude of ideas and having hard time choosing. In this case a small break is necessary. She’ll do some gardening, reading, hiking, kayaking, etc… This gives her the space to choose the best path. In this way, a new project will naturally evolve.

Natalia’s work and tutorials have been published in domestic and international dolls house magazines. The Tree of Life carpet won the PIMA competition at the 2016 Kensington Dollshouse Festival & made a front cover on the national magazine Piecework.

You can see more of Natalia’s work HERE.