Summer - Exhibitor Info

Important Information for Exhibitors

You can download a printable version of this information HERE

Kensington Town Hall, Hornton Street, London W8 7NX . K.T.H Tel no: +44 (0)20 7937 5464

Access times for Exhibitors:
Thurs May 16th 19.30-21.30. Fri May 17th 08.00-20.00 . Sat May 18th   08.30-20.00

Opening times for visitors:
Fri May 17th 11.00-18.00. (LDF Cardholders can enter at 10.00). Sat May 18th 10.00-17.00.

SETTING UP: You can start unloading from 8.00am on Friday May 17th. The doors will open to the public at 11.00 but LDF cardholders will be allowed in at 10.00 with one guest (up to 100 people).  Organising many exhibitors to unload & set up in 2 hours is a real challenge, so we STRONGLY advise you to take advantage of the FREE unloading on Thursday evening between 19.30-21.30 if you can. Tables will be ready for you to unload & start setting up.  If you have any issues with your table position it is VITAL that you contact a KDF staff member. You CANNOT move your table position without discussing with KDF staff first. They have been positioned very carefully to benefit exhibitors & visitors to the show. At this point there is usually little we can do, but we will try our best.

The marshals on site will direct you onto the loading bay, but at busy times, you may be asked to drive round the block, until a space is available. In the past, this has worked really well. Please help us by working out how long it will take to set up your stand.  If you need less time, please don’t arrive at 8.00 when the larger stands will be unloading.  

We will have porters available to help the unloading run smoothly on Thursday eve & Friday morning. If you are travelling to the show by yourself or have a large stand & would like help from one of our porters, you can book them on a half hour basis in advance (£10/30 mins tip suggested) Please let us know in the office if you wish to do this, otherwise you may have to wait until a porter becomes available for you.  

Vehicle Passes are ESSENTIAL if you need access to the forecourt on during unloading & loading. Vehicle passes will be emailed to all who have requested them nearer the show.

LARGE VANS: (over 1.90m tall) please let me know so we can reserve spaces. Try to use vans under this height if possible.  Other car parks nearby are 

PARKING:The most convenient car park is directly under Kensington Town Hall & has plenty of spaces. Other car parks nearby are: Royal Garden Hotel car park, ( Copthorne Tara Hotel car park is suitable for vans over 1.90m tall. (+44 20 7937 7211). You can book these in advance.

BADGES: Badges will be in your exhibitor pack on your table when you arrive at the show. Please put your badges on when you are unloading & setting up your table. All badges must be booked in advance & a maximum of 2 badges/table are allowed. This is partly because there is such limited space behind most tables, but if you need an extra helper for special circumstances, please call to discuss – extra badges cost £5. Badges must be worn at all times for security reasons.  If you are not wearing your badge you can’t come in, even if we know your face. Please return badges at the end of the show. Please also make sure that your TABLE CARD is clearly visible.  

PRESS/TRADE:  Members of the Press registered with us will be wearing lanyards with their details. We ask all photographers to check with exhibitors individually before taking photos of work, so if you are unsure you can say no.  Remember, websites, blogs, facebook etc are great publicity tools & a good way to spread news about miniatures. Trade Buyers who have registered with us will wear a lanyard with their details too.

FIRE SAFETY: Please only use flat bar socket adaptors & proper safety rated flat extension flex (we do have spares of these, so ask at Reception if you need to borrow one).  No double plugs are allowed. Try & shield any halogen bulbs used, and use fire retardant fabrics. We advise you to have your stand well lit.  

STALL SITTERS: If you are attending KDF by yourself, we can supply a stall sitter to give you a break.  Please make us aware that you are on your own when you arrive, and we will arrange someone to help you.  Please calculate tips at £5 per half hour.

INSURANCE: We only cover public liability, not any loss or damage of yours or inflicted by you on other stallholders or Town Hall premises or fittings.  I advise you to think about getting insurance yourselves as well.  We recommend Hiscox Insurance Tel: 0808 2736 228.

REFRESHMENTS: Tea & coffee will available Free of charge for exhibitors from the Ground Floor kitchen & in the Lower Foyer cloakroom throughout the show & during set up.  Please bring your own mug we do not supply disposable cups although mugs can be purchased for £3 from our Reception Desk – proceeds go to our Charity.  The Miniature Kitchen Café on the 1st Floor will also be open from 9am on Friday & Saturday to serve breakfast. 

PLEASE REMEMBER: The tea & coffee service is a FREE service that KDF offer for your benefit. In the past we have had problems with exhibitors being very rude to KDF staff regarding this service. We try to keep up with supply levels, but it is up to exhibitors who use this service to inform us when supplies are running low, or any other issues. We also ask that you keep this area clean & tidy for other users.