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We currently have two annual competitions, for KDF Exhibitors to take part in. The ‘Perfection in Miniature Awards’ is a competition for all LDF Exhibitors who take part in any LDF show, including the LDF online showcases. The ‘LDF Debut Award’ is for newcomers to our LIVE events only.

Both these competition run from the Christmas Show to the Summer show, with the winners being announced during the summer show in May.

More information on this competitions can be found below. If you have any questions, please contact us in at LDF HQ.


The Perfection in Miniature Awards have become an important part of our annual calendar & are always something we are very excited about. The competition is focused around the Kensington Dollshouse Festival Summer Show

This year, we have been working with The Royal Collections to celebrate the 100th Anniversary of Queen Mary’s Dolls House so we have a theme to the PIMA this year. “And the next 100 years” asks our exhibitors to create a miniature that maybe would have been included in Queen Mary’s Dolls House if it had be made at some point after 1924. The miniature must be in 1:12 scale & be an item that could be placed in the dolls house. The item must be something that was designed/invented/created in the last 100 years.

We are also pleased to announce that some of the entries in this year’s competition will be part of a display at The Royal Society of Miniature Painters, Sculptors & Gravers’ Summer Exhibition at Bankside Gallery on London’s Southbank from June 26th – July 6th.

The gallery below shows all entries in the Perfection in Miniature Awards 2024.

Entries in The Perfection in Miniature Awards 2024

Good Housekeeping.

Diary of a 1950’s housewife. Abi Trottman of Tobacco & Regrets gives us an insight into her PIMA entry for 2023. The Perfection in Miniature Awards was something really special this year. We had so many beautiful entries as usual,…
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Umbrellas at the ready.

Laurence & Angela St Leger talk about what is needed to create mini masterpieces – Ladies knickers, Gin & a scrubbing brush (really!) The Perfection in Miniature Awards have become the highlight of our year at LDF HQ. This year…
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LDF Debut Award 2023/24

Our new award is back to celebrate & support the new talent attending the Kensington Dollshouse Festivals. Continuing on from our hunt for the best new miniaturists working today, we are pleased to announce that the LDF Debut award is…
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Perfection in Miniature Awards 2022

The winners & the runners up. The PIMA competition is always a bit of a blur for me as the judging happens on the same evening as we are setting up the Summer Show in Kensington Town Hall. It means…
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Lauras Cat – Can the Catman do?

Jeremy Smith of Catmando Miniatures tells us more about his articulated cat. We always expect something complex & unusual from Jeremy’s entry in the Perfection in Miniature Awards, but this year he supposed himself. We had to know more about…
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