KDF Summer Show moves Online

Once again COVID has meant we have to change plans for 2021. As you can imagine, it is incredibly hard for us to plan our shows at the moment, so I apologise for all the shuffling & rescheduling, but I…
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Like Father, like daughter

Georgina Ritson tells how she inherited her father’s creative addiction. Georgina’s father made lots of toys for her when she was young, but with Georgina aged 11, he embarked on his most ambitious project to date, a five storey Georgian…
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My Life, My Inspiration.

Kathy Holden, co-founder of Delph Miniatures, tells us how her love for the world around her fuelled her imagination & got her creative juices flowing. On a family day out when I was 11, we stumbled across a miniature fair…
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Meet the Miniaturist

LDF Organiser Charlotte Stokoe will be talking to Darren Scala on a live webinar on Sunday 31st January 2021 Thanks to everyone who tuned in to listen to the webinar last night with Darren Scala & LDF Organiser Charlotte Stokoe.…
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Message from Our Maker.

Buy one of Michael Mortimer’s miniatures & you get more than a piece of furniture. Michael Mortimer began exhibiting at the Kensington Dollshouse Festival in 2006. Each piece of his 16th Century furniture is sold with a unique & intriguing…
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