Meet the Miniaturist

LDF Organiser Charlotte Stokoe will be talking to Darren Scala on a live webinar on Sunday 31st January 2021 Thanks to everyone who tuned in to listen to the webinar last night with Darren Scala & LDF Organiser Charlotte Stokoe.…
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Message from Our Maker.

Buy one of Michael Mortimer’s miniatures & you get more than a piece of furniture. Michael Mortimer began exhibiting at the Kensington Dollshouse Festival in 2006. Each piece of his 16th Century furniture is sold with a unique & intriguing…
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Notes from a PIMA Judge

Judging of the Perfection in Miniature Awards 2020 is always a tough & emotional experience. Caroline Hamilton tells us more about the judging process. “This judging job is getting harder every year as the variety and standard of work goes…
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Umbrellas at the ready.

Ladies knickers, Gin & a scrubbing brush. Lateral thinking is always needed when creating mini masterpieces. The Perfection in Miniature Awards have become the highlight of our year at LDF HQ. This year in particular has been super-exciting, as the…
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Acquisto Silver

What started as a challenge from his sister 40 years ago, is now an all consuming passion for Pete Acquisto. Growing up, Pete’s father was a skilled carver and a master furniture builder.  At 14, Pete was working in his…
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Perfection in Miniature Awards 2020 Winners

Judging of the belated Perfection in miniature Awards (PIMA) took place at LDF HQ on Tuesday. Judges: Ahmed Al Thani, Caroline Hamilton & Emma Waddell. Winners:1st Place: Chippendale Settee by Yosh Sagi Working Gents Umbrella by Lawrence & Angela St…
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Cornellieson Gallery

Nellie Artemysia McKay looks at things in a different way. A talented artist, who wants to take things into the virtual world. She has been exhibiting her paintings at the LDF Shows for only a year, but in that time…
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Models on a huge scale

Paul Wells explains why restraint is vital when working on his incredible dolls houses & models. For the past 30 years, Paul Wells has been creating history in the form of model buildings & scenes from the past. He was…
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