LDF Online Showcase

London Dollshouse Festivals Online Showcase September 4th – 10th 2023

The next of our popular online showcases will be taking place in September. There is only ONE online show every year.

I felt so lucky and so happy to have access – to see and purchase items from artisans who, normally only (or mostly), sell at the big shows. I loved it. Thank you.


Access to the showcase

Access to the showcase is not possible before 11am on September 2nd 2022. Access is directly from our website. No password will be required while the showcase is open.

“I thought the show was fabulous! It allowed me to be very discerning and to buy those things which made my heart sing from the solitude of my bedroom…in my nightgown, with a cup of coffee! I had an absolute blast!!” 

Kaye Browning/USA