Online Showcase

Christmas Showcase Nov 27th – Dec 4th 2020

At the end of January 2020 we were busy running our capsule show – The City of London Dollshouse Festival as normal. It is a relaxed show, held at The Tower Hotel slap bang by Tower Bridge in the heart of London. Little did we know that this was one of the last miniatures shows to take place worldwide this year & within weeks the city would totally grind to a halt. 

It was a really tough time & we knew we had to adapt to survive, so we launched our 1st ever online showcase in July 2020. We could not have imagined how successful this show would be. We had nearly 10 000 visitors to the site over a week, half of these from outside the UK. We had emails from all over the world thanking us for organising an event everyone could be part of.

I felt so lucky and so happy to have access – to see and purchase items from artisans who, normally only (or mostly), sell at the big shows. I loved it. Thank you.


KDF Christmas Online Showcase

Unfortunately, Covid has once again made it impossible for us to hold our Live Show in November, so again, we are replacing it with an online show. This will run for a week & include around 140 carefully selected craftsmen (many of whom would have attended our Live show).

The Showcase will also spotlight the Perfection in Miniature Awards 2020. These normally take place at our Summer Festival & are a celebration of the incredible & talented craftsmen who attend our shows. All entries will be featured in the showcase this year.

Access to the showcase

We are currently working hard on the design of the showcase & as soon as we have more information we will let you know. Access will be from 11am on Friday 27th November until 5pm on Friday 4th Dec (GMT).

“I thought the show was fabulous! It allowed me to be very discerning and to buy those things which made my heart sing from the solitude of my bedroom…in my nightgown, with a cup of coffee! I had an absolute blast!!” 

Kaye Browning/USA